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Intis Telecommunication is a vital system which could find solution for many pains. This mechanism helps to transfer bulk text without difficulty.

Main part

People everywhere are keen on blowing around vital information, having conversation about the latest news, or defining tasks. According to the hurried pace of our life and especially eager to utilise time - many of us give preference SMS for the reason that this type is the quickest and the most convenient for busy people. .

Advantages and Disadvantages 

The usage of bulk texting has a lot of advantages. For example:

Automatic software. It means that there is option not to accomplish multiple actions for sending SMS. Set the task, and your receivers will get it.

Easy to use. The condition is to sign up and replenish the balance. Now you are ready to define a task or spread the important news.

Quality and price. It is convenient to be aware of the limit and top up the balance according to your budget. The quality of send bulk texts will be satisfactory.

 The average time of SMS distribution is from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are located has network coverage).


 Which optional capabilities are available for departments and industries?

 Solutions by department

 SMS software is a perfect solution for departments. It is a decision for all. 

 Bulk texting system considered to be a profitable weapon for reaching each marketing aims. For example:

Simple automation and optimization of campaigns` schedules. You will not forget your co-workers` birthday with the help of this SMS system. 

 It is possible to share information about new offers. It is possible to personalize each bulk text and make it unique. 

 Acquisition of statistics owing to SMS campaigns. 

 SMS could become an inherent part of the department`s everyday routine. This software could help:

web designers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway. 

Thanks to this innovation you are able to send a lot of  SMS, gather status.

 Not restricted by time testing access to IntisTele SMS software gives permission for debugging your exclusive program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for Ruby.

IntisTele plugins and widgets were created to smooth integration of most major CMS (Joomla).

SMS commands are good for sysadmins because they can establish distant administration and server management.

No need for internet access, as all servers can be provided by SMS commands.

Business owners also could organize the employees' workflow owing to a bulk texting system. Obtaining feedback from users per bulk texts.

 IntisTele software is available for all. Here it is possible to find recognizable web interface, payment options that will match every pocket and a very captivating affiliate program. With SMS software:

 Users are welcome to use PayPal in process of working with this service..

 Everybody will be happy by the speed of bulk texting transferring.

 Industries and SMS solutions

 The SMS software solution is suitable for financial business. Bulk texting system could be helpful for solving a range of problems of different spheres in various industries. 

 It is a perfect solution for chain stores. With SMS software there is an opportunity to establish notifications about discounts.

 You can integrate SMS system into the transport actions, for example railway operators.

Bulk texts software is the best solution advance travel & transport actions and make customers enjoy a better adventure in the time of their journeys.

 Bulk texting could be helpful for startups and IT. This application is required for websites.

 Message warn to serve security. It is applicable for surveillance.

 SMS software prices

 It is convenient to refill your balance and choose the amount of money which you can contribute. IntisTele is able offer various methods to fund the balance. For example, Skrill.


 On the occasion you have any additional questions about the software and how it works, do not wait to visit IntisTele FAQ.

 Perfect SMS:guidelines

 Mention your name. It would be better to indicate company name directly at the top of your text message. This technique will lead to needed concentration to your bulk texting and make the message one-of-a-kind. Customers will regularly know who addresses them.



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